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Essential Reiki Course, Level I

Reiki is an energy healing system that uses the laying on of hands to heal and transmit universal energy.

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Essential Reiki Course, Level I
Reiki is an ancient technique that reinforces vital energy in the physical and energetic bodies, removing all blockages that cause discomfort and lead to illness.

In the 1st level of Reiki you will learn to know your energy and become stronger to face your life and make your choices at every moment.
The new initiate is able to practice Reiki on himself and later on others.

. What is Reiki and its Origin and History
. The energetic bodies (Aura) and the Chakras
. How Reiki works and how Self-treatment is applied
. Techniques of Defense and Reinforcement of your energy
. Introduction to Natural Laws

. Course Manual
. Participation certificate
. Student support

. Light colored clothing (preferably white) and comfortable
. Socks to allow you to go barefoot inside the room
. The night before, sleep early enough for each person, have a light dinner and refrain from alcohol

REGISTRATION and more Information
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