Frequently Asked Questions

The TExTOUR Platform is an advanced ICT tool developed to promote cultural tourism in lesser-known areas. It aims to design and implement strategies that enhance socio-economic development through participative cultural tourism. It uses innovative ICT and social tools to create collaborative methods tailored to local cultural sites.

No. But if you are intersed in being the scalable tatetory than please contact project Admin


The TExTOUR Platform can be used by policymakers, cultural tourism stakeholders, local communities, researchers, and tourist. It is designed to facilitate collaboration among these groups to develop and implement effective strategies for cultural tourism and socio-economic development in lesser-known destinations.

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A Point of Interest (POI) is any specific location that is noteworthy or useful, such as a park, museum, landmark, or scenic spot. POIs can be natural features or man-made and do not necessarily involve commercial activities.
An Establishment is a place where business or organizational activities occur, such as a restaurant, hotel, shop, or office. Establishments provide goods or services and have regular hours of operation.

The TExTOUR Platform supports four types of media files:
  1. Videos in mp4 format
  2. Audio files in mp3 format
  3. Documents in pdf format
  4. Photos in png, jpg, and jpeg formats

There is currently no strict storage limitation on the TExTOUR Platform, but it is recommended to keep the upload file size within 100MB for photos, videos, audio, and PDF documents.

The TExTOUR Platform distinguishes itself by focusing on lesser-known destinations and using advanced ICT and social innovation tools to develop sustainable and inclusive cultural tourism. It involves diverse stakeholders through the quintuple social innovation helix, integrating insights from academia, businesses, society, government, and entrepreneurs for holistic development.