Pilot: Narva

Discussion of Kreenholm future and presenting the Pilot project

On 21 September, there was organized a meeting with involvement of local community, stakeholders, representatives of local creative industry sector and other interested parties to discuss the future steps for development of Kreenholm area.

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Participants agreed that the cultural quarter would be a good place for the creative industry sector, and it should also offer in future an entertainment for families with children. The meeting participants were also informed about TExTOUR pilot project "Light Installation in the Joala Factory Building" and invited to visit the factory and see the first stages of the light installation.


On 22 September, Jaanus Mikk, the head of Narva Gate OÜ, carried out a familiarization visit to the factory building, presented the work stages, which are already have been done and told about left stages for the light installation. During the first two stages, the tower of the factory was illuminated and 180 different samples of Kreenholm fabric patterns were collected and glued as stained glass on the windows of one of the halls of the Joala factory. Further work is planned to create a light installation in the basement of the factory.