Pilot: Narva

Discussion of Kreenholm area further development

A meeting with involvement of local community, stakeholders, representatives of local creative industry sector and other interested parties to discuss the future steps for development of Kreenholm area.

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The future of Kreenholm is becoming more and more important and involves the active citizens of Narva. Local activists have even established a group to support Kreenholm development called KRUVI. The group was founded a month ago, but it already has more than 600 members from Narva and other cities who care about the fate of the Kreenholm.

In order to listen to the citizens' ideas about the development of Kreenholm, and at the same time to attract more attention to this topic from both the public and the city authorities, a second meeting was organized on 25th October.

There was a discussion about possible ideas and actions to implement at Kreenholm territory. One of the examples is Light Installation in the Joala Factory Building, already being implemented in the framework of TExTOUR project.

During the discussion there were suggestions that the first priority is still basic infrastructure which should be developed. The second important factor is good co-operation between city and regional organizations to ensure that the developed areas and premises wouldn’t be empty.

It is also very important to communicate as much information as possible to the public so that they can understand the purpose of the development of Kreenholm.

The head of Culture Capital Programme Margus Allikmaa, who also participated in the meeting, assured that there are plans to finance the development of Kreenholm Cultural Quartal.

After the discussion on 25th October, developers of Kreenholm intend to update the concept, taking into account the proposals that the activists have suggested.